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Shenzhen airport new regulation
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Know, the airport already prohibited since last week the passenger alludes in the hand consign a Li Zhongga to take lighter and match. Before this, the passenger is asked not to carry lighter, match to board the plane only. Chinese civil aviation bureau is to this explanation: Lighter, match puts proceed with to allude consign the likelihood inside baggage to generate safe hidden danger, this action is safeguard flight safety.

The reporter sees in Shenzhen airport, because a few passengers do not understand this new regulation, dealing with the suffocate suffocate when baggage is consigned. Once discover the carry secretly in its baggage,the airport brings check staff lighter, can ask a passenger to take out relevant banned article on the spot, deal with again board the plane formalities. The personnel that install check expresses, most lighter by direct abandon, and a few more precious, be like ZIPPO a kind, the passenger can choose to conduct check business in the airport.

Disclose according to the airport, begin to prohibit oneself since the passenger carries lighter to board the plane, shenzhen airport is average and daily " results " passenger discard lighter is close 10 thousand. To avoid waste of goods and materials, the airport is adopted " take at civilian, use at civilian " measure, machine building is awaited to reach office in date of airport A, B, installed special free lighter to get a point, just came in order to satisfy those up and down from the plane " smoke civilian " need. This serves measure specially, had gotten popularizing in airport of and other places of Fuzhou, Xi'an at present.