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How to deal with procedures of dozen of return a ticket that changes airline tic
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If decide to cancel to order an airliner formerly temporarily, answer to go to the former office that buy a ticket dealing with return a ticket as soon as possible. The plane deals with formalities of return a ticket 24 hours before from station time, will not deduct cost of return a ticket; As a result of passenger reason, apply for return a ticket to 24 hours of less than in before the plane leaves a station 2 hours, 10% what deduct airline ticket money; Leave return a ticket of before station time 2 hours of less than in the plane, buckle 20% . After the plane takes off again return a ticket, buckle 50%(above return a ticket to all do not retreat insurance) .

If as a result of reason of civil aviaton respect, if plane breakdown, weather is evil low-grade cause an airliner to cancel, the passenger should look for the airport in time to the concerned branch such as value opportunity deals with formalities of return a ticket or ask them to sign on airline ticket, affix one's seal shows a case, the place that goes appointing again deals with sum return a ticket. In the light of the passenger puts forward the 6 return a ticket that lose a bill to treat unhappy belong to the same organization, the personage inside course of study points out, according to the regulation, the 7 airline ticket that lose above press time when return a ticket paragraph deduct respectively 5% , 15% , the poundage of 20% .

And 6 fold and 6.5 fold or the airline ticket of lower discount, before the plane takes off but return a ticket, but must according to total value 50% buckle poundage. The exemple is consistent the airline ticket total value that Zhang Cheng flies to Beijing is 1240 yuan, 6 after folding, the price is 750 yuan. But if the passenger wants return a ticket, can get 130 yuan only. Those who need an attention is, dark buckling a ticket is to cannot turn of the autograph, if passenger journey has,change, also cannot return a ticket. Because this passenger is being bought,hit when losing a bill, must have adequate psychological preparation.