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Can take pet by air
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Possible, after yourself bought airline ticket, must shift to an earlier date 2 hours reach the airport, go to the airport consigning a ministry directly next, the formalities that in you that airline window of make choice of deals with live body to consign (should choose you that airliner date oh ~~ ) . Of different airline collect fees different. Dog dog must be to install in basket, if be special pet boat empty eontainers best, dog dog is more comfortable also. The boat empty eontainers of dog dog is general large pet store has so that sell. Any food had better not be put in basket or water, but can put at ordinary times the toy that dog dog likes most. Let it have familiar feeling, lest host is absent and too nervous. Dog dog is not fed one day to it by air feed, water also wants to be drunk less. Reached a place, after collecting dog dog, the first thing is about to drink water to it, come home can give a few dogs food, do not want to give a lot of, because long-distance journey is overcome,the intestines and stomach of such dog dogs is met. Additional, have the quarantine proof of dog dog even. This very important oh, if be ailing dog, airline won't close.

Returning those who have an attention is, beforehand before dog dog is consigned, must ask the place that understands the dog that put a dog, whether be to have urticant cabin, this is very important! !