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Shenzhen Baoan airport is public transportation guideline
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Starting point is terminal fare of time of class of first time end (yuan) remarks

6:2 of airport of Shenzhen of China couplet edifice020:3020 every other send a car 20 minutes, about 5 minutes arrive. Midway did not stand via stopping. The passenger seizes the opportunity to shift to an earlier date by takeoff time please a hour take a car.

Shenzhen airport 7:3 of China couplet edifice0 airliners end 20 walk along wide difficult highway, stop bamboo forest station, investment edifice station, terminus China couplet edifice. Behind schedule (show the airport sends car time) later outspread to Lu Dan village, railway station on the west square.

Airport of Shenzhen of cloth auspicious contact (Xiaoba 507)

Shenzhen airport - RMB of cloth auspicious town fizzles out 12 yuan waterworks of Tian Cun, solid defend, Baoan, south village of hospital of children of fair temple of city of garden of head custom, science and technology, overseas Chinese, car, city, yellow Mu Gang, Tian Xin, : Before dawn comes after 6: 00 add by the car before collect 1 yuan of nightly fee

Building of urban boat station (Jing Ansi)

Bus of Shenzhen Xin Jinhu

Shekou - 6:3 of time of car of Shenzhen airport hair18:3 of 0 time stopping a car20 yuan of every other send 0 RMBs 1 hour car, the bridge austral by way of matchs customer point, shenzhen airport arrives directly after crossover matchs a guest to nod. Whole journey makes an appointment with 50 minutes

Shenzhen airport - 8:1 of time of Shekou hair car20:1 of 5 time stopping a car5

355 luxurious (air conditioning) bus

Shekou - 6:3 of time of car of Shenzhen airport hair22:3 of 0 time stopping a car0 every 7 minutes. Through: The  that lead shellfish angries? maritime world, inlet head, enrol business edifice, spend fruit hill, rosary, wo Erma, 3 fork in a road, south village, south garden village, south hill market, south head theater, large new home appoint meeting, before park of famous city of sea of sea garden, star, Zhongshan, south benefit of general merchandise of 10 thousand beautiful of head checkpoint, Baoan, Hai Ya, coronal amounts to edifice, article to collect

Shenzhen airport - the car on Shekou 2 yuan (outside Shanghaiguan 1 yuan of) , section collects fees, throw money automatically

Airport of Shenzhen of Baoan area contact (602 buses)

Treasure city 3 areas - 7:0 of time of car of Shenzhen airport hair19:0 of 0 time stopping a car045 minutes of every other send a car 25 minutes, by way of: Garden of emerald green lake of? of room of  of the Song Dynasty, bell house village, huang Tian, crane continent crossing, china trade city, official cropland, the home approves the market, bring the market newly, on the west country passenger station, work elementary school, on the west country port city, lan Xiangyuan crossing.

Shenzhen airport - 3 areas send treasure city car time 8:120:0 of 5 time stopping a car035 minutes
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