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Newest by plane note
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Should shift to an earlier date two hours to reach the airport

Civil aviaton total bureau is released " the announcement that takes domestic scheduled flight about prohibiting carrying liquid state article " , "Prohibit passenger of domestic flight number carries liquid state article " after installing check new rule to apply, domestic share airport produces individual passenger in succession by accident phenomenon of incur loss through delay of machine, airliner. To assure a guest not by accident machine, remind the guest that takes domestic scheduled flight, piece civil aviaton had better be pressed before travel total bureau declared asks to shift to an earlier date ready-made works, shift to an earlier date 2 hours to reach the airport at least, reach the spot that install check in before the airliner takes off 45 minutes at least, accepting the patience when installing check to wait, the member that cooperate to bring check person works.

As we have learned, to ensure aviation carries safety, national civil aviation bureau carried liquid state article to make particular demand to the passenger, before passenger of domestic flight number can carry 1 to rise a liquid each, new regulation prohibits the passenger carries liquid state article, cosmetic of for private use is restricted every kinds to take, every container volume must not exceed 100 milliliter, if have a lot of kinds, breed must differ, have even those who accord with a requirement is special the ability that pack goes.
During the Olympic Games partial guest but aboard is dealt with enter a country formalities *
During Beijing Olympic Games, when dynast of official of international Olympic Games Organizing Committee, athlete, each country enters a country, need not use await check, the port system that Beijing frontier defence examines the policeman of terminal to be able to take shift is direct deal with to the plane enter a country formalities. Yesterday, man Juyou of head of a station of terminal of Beijing frontier defence expresses, the mobile port system of terminal of Beijing frontier defence builds formally already, lying at present try moving phase.

Man Juyou says, in view of the Olympic Games during delegacy of each country athlete comes in and go out large quantities of concentration condition, cause the time that await check extremely easily to cross chief problem. After this system builds a success, basis of edge check policeman needs OK and mobile office, not only can improve port work efficiency, and can provide a service for personnel of condition of Olympic Games discrepancy better.

During Beijing Olympic Games, outside the besides international Olympic committee official that enter a country, athlete, still will have the dynast of 90 many countries and the manager of sponsors of many Olympic Games enterprise, these people take private private plane probably to enter a country, enter a country to go to the lavatory to be dealt with quickly formalities, the mobile port of terminal of Beijing frontier defence is OK and direct deal with to the plane. Although welcome the guest of a private plane, edge check formalities also can be finished in very short time.
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