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International restaurant (Wu Xi International Hotel)
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Restaurant of the international that do not have stannum fastens restaurant of travel of 4 stars stage, be located in the downtown that do not have stannum flourishing shopping centre, proximate railway station, travel, shop all very convenience.
Restaurant by advocate building and add a building to be become twice in group. Advocate the building is 30 tall, guest room establishment all ready, free from worry is comfortable, have room of luxurious flatlet, flatlet, high level, standard room and odd world in all 380.
Restaurant still sets sauna of room of gym, ping-pong, chess card room, men and women, hairdressing to beautify hair, room of bag of hall of singing and dancing, KTV, bazaar and business affairs center. Conference establishment is all ready, have what can hold 1200 people is muti_function hall, the assembly room of all sorts of norms 15.
Restaurant adds square of cate of building —— international to have 2300 food in all, the luxurious shindig that has 2 to be able to hold 800 people have dinner at the same time hall and 91 styles the luxurious balcony of each different, be in stannic city rolls out smooth service glacial type first times. Advocate building, add a building to share meal 3200, it is the city that do not have stannum's biggest meal room.

Astral class:

Practice was decorated 2003 1997
Address: Before esteeming the county that bring a district without stannum east street 118 postcodes: 214005
Phone: 0510-82318888
Fax: 0510-2309271

Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25
Be apart from from the railway station that do not have stannum (kilometer) : 1.5
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 1
All round landscape: Road of Europe wind street, Zhongshan (downtown) , country fair of the trade before the station

Price of room retail sales pays valence breakfast now downstage valence pays first days room state on the net book
The B RMB 480 RMB 328 between high level is not had good

A RMB 430 RMB 368 of advanced odd world is not had good

The A RMB 430 RMB 368 between high level is not had good

The RMB 580 RMB 460 between luxurious standard is not had good

Guesthouse breakfast price
Self-help breakfast: 25

Guesthouse increases bed price
Add a bed: 100

Guesthouse serves an item
Room of part of tonsorial hairdressing room has market of telephone of DDD of center of auditoria business affairs the broadband gets online

Guesthouse meal establishment
Hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall

Guesthouse recreation and gymnastical establishment
Discotheque card pulls sauna of room of fitness of room of ping-pong of room of card of OK hall chess room

Guesthouse is acceptability credit card type
Home issues silver-colored couplet card
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