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Hotel of Inner Mongolia new city
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  New city hotel was built 1959, since building a house, it is important to loading dynast of party and national leader, foreign country and all circles from beginning to end the reception of guest the task, gained tremendous reputation for country and municipality, become the ” of house of “ state guest of be worthy of the name of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region.

Since reforming and opening, new city hotel undertook in the respect such as management means and administrative system oriented beneficial exploration and series are reformed be been with socialist market economy, from the thoroughly remould oneself in hostel mode, establish science is changed, the system is changed, the contemporary company system of standardization, came true to change historicly. New city hotel is mixed with outstanding operation result, high grade service quality efficient level of management, won all circles public figure reputably. On August 24, 2000, hotel of formal assess new city is national tourism bureau restaurant of 5 stars class. This is restaurant of class of the first of the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region 5 stars. Repose in the new city hotel of downtown of Huhhot of metropolis of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, cover an area of 119 thousand square metre, the environment is beautiful, style elegance, it is gardens scene and modern building be in harmony an organic whole, humorous interesting day is become, good the place to go of a poetics picture meaning! On this magical land, the accommodation with all ready function of hotel of move new city, meal, recreation, meeting exhibits assemble, the facilities facilities such as the club, bed of 600 many guest room, 20 many auditoria, 12 place dining-room, bar reachs banqueting hall, 18 bowling houses, electronic game and other establishment of all sorts of peace and happiness, build the environmental atmosphere that gives an easy grace, warmth for guest. The in-house network of new city hotel and Internet information system, can come true book, recieve, register, show, the couplet net operation such as ask, monitoring, fire control, plan account, settle accounts, provide quick, safe, excellent astral class service for guest. The thank chose the place that hotel of Inner Mongolia new city lodges as you

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