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Clear gentleman big public house
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Leave the Changjiang Delta of misty rain mist, brave lute sound breaks through the sand blown by wind of new moon desert, zhao Jun, come all right to fund of big desert fund, annulus admire bites all over the body of clank, extraordinary fragrance. She is penetrable the history of massiness, cross boundless years prostitution, in a verdancy outside stand erect Yu Sai. Her hand holds white hada in both hands, heroic bearing valiant, elegant demeanour as before, laugh greet all directions visitor.

This is clear gentleman big public house.   

Poineering beginning, long way is boundless. Zhao Jun, give us the answer with her courage and insight and wisdom. She one shoulder carries responsibility, one shoulder carries hope, hill one Cheng, water one Cheng, walking strong and vigorous, manner is easy, boundless the footstep that sand blown by wind does not block her to advance, break of howl howl strong wind does not break down her tenacious perseverance.  
Zhao Jun, with her attractive charm, the crane establishs black town, become famous abroad, what Dan Zhaojun was not intoxicated now is brilliant, she examines herself ceaselessly, perfect oneself, update oneself.

Here, ethical characteristic and exotic amorous feelings show extraordinary splendour each; Contemporary consciousness and traditional culture are harmonious; Austral charm and northward bold and generous be in harmony are collected flawless; Emerald green lawn and snow-white yurt hand in Xiang Guanghui to mirror; Mongolia grows harmonic rock-and-roll music resound thes vault of heaven. Zhao Jun, no longer adherence oneself one party sky. Regard concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals as travel restaurant, guest of all along of people of delegate black town displays Zhao Jun on the reception with prairie the warmest young man and woman and the truest blessing. The beautiful wine with rising and falling madrigal, sweet alcohol was intoxicated countless guest friend.

Look up at the Zhao Jun below canopy, can't help letting person warm blood flush, courage times add, sound of that amaranthine lute is beating north of a place of strategic importance intensely this old and strong beautiful sky, the sort of forever castiron spirit is derived in the life of each Zhao Jun's colleagues.

Turn one's head goes, cheng Cheng of travel or work despite of wind and rain, numerous records writes year; Look into future, lofty sentiments is full of, make concerted effort postpones great plan.

Clear gentleman big public house greets domestic and international visitor with the charm of hotel of 4 stars class.

Clear gentleman big public house is met as western the pulse of big development and put glorious greatly.

Clear gentleman big public house is the modernization that collaboration of limited company of company of development of trade of Huhhot city travel and Hong Kong Jia Yuntai company builds hotel of 4 stars class.

Clear gentleman big public house is located in Huhhot downtown flourishing area, be apart from an airport 15 kilometers, be apart from a railway station 0.5 kilometers, floor area 22243 square metre, have of all kinds and luxurious flatlet, common flatlet and standard guest room in all 258, the facility inside the room is complete, live comfortable. Deserve to have phoenix movie channel, HBO satellite channel and system of VOD TV order programme. The of all kinds dining room such as fort of garden of Sui Qingyuan, delicate eyebrows, lukewarm Sha is set inside the hotel, and by renown hutch advocate manage tide, another name for Guangdong Province, plain, the dish such as Western-style food of ethical gust, French. Nightclub, card helps OK song parlor, center of center of recreation of hall of bar, coffee, gym, bowling, natatorium, sauna, beauty parlor of health body center, hairdressing, bazaar can enjoy for guest. At the same time the hotel still offers machine, ticket to book, foreign currency is changed, a service such as office of modern business affairs.  
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