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With hotel of international of Lin Ge Er
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Hotel brief introduction:
With hotel of international of Lin Ge Er by big the group presses investment of level of 4 stars grade to build, collect conference, business affairs, recreational the hotel that is an organic whole, cover an area of 300 mus, afforest is led 60% . Build have meeting of commercial trade centre, international center, muti_function guild hall of SPA of villa of banqueting hall, business affairs, conference villa, milk, woman is met apartment of place, business affairs, have public house of lake of artificial lake, swimming-pool, view, the accessary establishment such as go angling garden, tennis court, integral structure composition was reflected Euramerican and rural as shirt-sleeve as photograph of Chinese people culture contemporary romanticism style, in-house adornment, things is chosen more with simple natural stuff, build the sense that gives recursive nature.
With Lingeer international hotel relies on Inner Mongolia's deep culture to inside information, the member that depend on peace conference of contemporary management concept makes administrative pattern, will become banquet of all sorts of international conferences, business affairs, major to groom, movie and TV, recreation, culture communicates the ideal that wait to choose the ground.
Contact means:
Address: Huhhot and Lingeer fill area of happy economy garden
Seek advice book a hot line: 0471-7393300

Astral class: Recommend a hotel
Area: Huhhot. With county of Lin Ge Er. With county of Lin Ge Er
Address: Fill happy economy developing zone with Lingeer, side of north of unconscious ox group 50 meters
Phone: 0471-7393382
Network address: Http://www.nmgdzjt.com/jd/index.html
Fax: 0471-7393382
Around public transportation: Without