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Guesthouse of report of coal of Yi Min of Hu Lunbei Er
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Hotel brief introduction:
Guesthouse of report of Yi quick coal (SamSung) be located in sea of city of Hu Lunbei Er to play way of Er area square, draw near park of forest of west hill country, be apart from the airport 6 kilometers, railway station 3 lis. Subject China China can group company. Only then built 2002, investment was used 2004, investment is close 70 million yuan. According to (breathe out 2005 〕 of brigade word 〔 89) file, assess is SamSung class restaurant. Up to 2005 turnover 3 million yuan, have from personnel of course of study 104 people, area of guesthouse of report of Yi quick coal 16000 square metre. Guest room reachs 6 in 3 in all 76 rooms, can welcome visitor 300 people; High-grade assembly room 3, can provide conference service for 300 people at the same time; Meal ministry has the honoured guest have dinner with 9 designs disparate style to include a house, shindig hall 1, coffee hall 1, can provide repast service for 400 people at the same time, offer northeast, plain the of all kinds cate of all sorts of class such as gust of Lu Yue, Mongolia; Still set billiards room, ping-pong room, hairdressing to beautify hair additionally provider of center of room, shopping centers, business affairs Wu types, the service such as duplicate, fax and long distance call.

Astral class: Recommend a hotel
Area: City of Hu Lunbei Er. The sea draws Er district. The sea draws Er district
Address: Guesthouse of report of Yi quick coal
Phone: Without
Network address: Without
Fax: Without
Around public transportation: 4