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Inner Mongolia overseas travel (travel agent) limited company
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Travel agent brief introduction:
Inner Mongolia overseas travel (travel agent) limited company (business certificate date: L---NMG- - GJ00031) it is folk of association of director of association of travel of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, abroad communication, nation unit of director of culture communication association, be approval of examine and verify of bureau of classics country tourism, cheat industrial and commercial bureau inside of registration book, major pursues earnest money of quality of pay of tourism Wu, full specified amount, already handled travel agent responsibility the danger, international travel agent that has independent corporate organization. The company sets international one ministry, international 2 ministry, international are ministry of communication of 3 ministry, international, country ministry, plan attune ministry, integrated the many business section such as business department.

International a main scope of business:  calumnies rotten?- recieves each district to go to travel of Inner Mongolia sightseeing, tourist of constituent this locality goes to travel of countrywide each district; Organize tourist of catchpenny foreign country, brethren of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan comes China enter a country the business such as travel.

Qu Xianhui of a manager advocates international from beginning to end “ honesty is an upright person, sureness works the tenet of ” , for tourist give somebody a new lease on life perfect and itinerary. The working style that we wish to accumulate drag in cautious and conscientious with old business and colleague of broad travel agent cooperate.

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