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Travel agent of international of brigade of the blueness in Inner Mongolia
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Travel agent of black force international is finite in Inner Mongolia liability company brief introduction

Travel agent of Inner Mongolia youth is finite liability company establishs 1980, it is one of member units of group of Chinese black force, international travel agent. This company has a professional tourist guide team, advanced communication equipment reachs center of ticket of carry out of his aviation, railroad. Manage the travel business that recieves global tourist to reach countrywide each district in Inner Mongolia to reach equestrian, chase, photography, jeep, autocycle, bicycle is cross-country and expeditionary travel, Mongolia, Russia crosses a state the special type project such as travel, undertake Chinese citizen leaves the country swim, do sth for sb passport, visa. This company gives full cooperation with domestic and international client wholeheartedly, collective stride.

Business certificate date: L-NMG-GJ00004

Contact: Manager of branch of snow of De Xiang, Han
Connect a telephone call: 8939802 mobile phones: 8939802
Email: Master@nmtravel.net postcode: 010019
Address: Inner Mongolia Huhhot surpasses rarely area