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Combustible explode easily the liquid not is consigned
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2008-7-17 day learns from white cloud airport, since March 14, white cloud airport begins to carry out civil aviaton total bureau " prohibit the passenger carries liquid state article to take domestic scheduled flight " new rule, nevertheless a few the worlds still have half the number to the passenger does not know or do not understand new regulation, bring about occurrence platoon of the spot that install check " long dragon " .

All of film of beverage toothpaste face forbids

17 days of mornings 6 when, white cloud airport leaves a port the passageway that install check is opened entirely, the branch that install check crosses check speed and neither of close check standard to raise a fare by accident, deployed enough hand to check the passenger's baggage in every passageway, the member that install check is in appropriative explanation member while also cannot stop in the hand, each streaming with sweat. Nevertheless, spot of good afternoon check differs on appeared to queue up to await a phenomenon on degree.

The passenger week young lady that Kunming goes to before preparation seizes the opportunity is accepted when installing check, the member that install check discovers her baggage has drink of a lactic acid, tell her to cannot be carried by the regulation, "Also forbid even beverage to take? Be previously can you take a place? " Miss Zhou is right new civil aviaton " ban fluid to make " new rule one face is spellbound. Finally, she is opened among them two bottles of one mouth drink is used up, additionally 4 bottles are drunk really no less than, disrelish again deal with consign a trouble, throw into " liquid state article abandons a bucket oneself " in.

Before 15 people prepare to seize the opportunity, group of a journey is gone to in all big talk, there is eight treasures congee in their bag, when the member that should install check informs them to check a regulation, each look at each other in speechless despair, do not have expect congee of canned eight treasures because attribute of its liquid state, the tourist guide is afraid of do consign time too close, but round friend people feel to abandon regrettablly, but under, open eight treasures congee simply, solve on the spot.

Because initial stage is carried out in new rule, a lot of passengers do not know the regulation of the examination, still not little passenger was not in according to the regulation liquid state article was carried in baggage, when installing check by the waiver after fish, have the plays coal tub, greater vase easily drink that has not opened, still have honey of the toothpaste, grandma that wash a face, lip, take the face film of elite fluid even, sparge of the lacteal frostlike powder that the lady uses, fluid that protect skin, oil that protect skin, perfume, popular system, finalize the design rub silk, 啫 cream etc, most is the beverage such as mineral water, wait for article for bath fluid, shampoo next.

White cloud airport installs check branch to remind a passenger again, when packing, consider to consign liquid state article as far as possible, when installing check too so can leave out is bothered not less.
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