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Sheet of journey of electronic airline ticket is enabled
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As the network the new IT such as the sale makes sale way ceaselessly, industry of agent of traditional airline ticket also faces unprecedented challenge. After the Olympic Games passes, civil aviation bureau 3 new politics will carry out in succession. 3 the Incantation of the Golden hoop add a body, procuratorial industry or will greet new agonistic cycle.

Is 3% representatives cost terminative?

Began in October from this year, in our country agent the industry is executed old " 3 X " acting fee system will abolish. Except old establish new backside, act on what kind of decision-making original intention after all, will be the enterprise of agent of more than 7000 passenger transport that spreads all over the whole nation faced again what kind of live bemused?

By May, civil aviaton total bureau allots " the announcement that carries sale agent poundage to run way about changing domestic aviation " .

" announcement " point out, since October 1, 2008, the change unites formulary poundage actively to pay standard management way by civil aviaton total bureau, specific by aviation transportation enterprises and sale agent enterprise according to equal and freewill principle, sign entrust acting contract, affirmatory poundage talks things over to pay standard, payment, award method and administrative way inside precatory scope of business, sign 30 weekday after entrusting a contract at both sides inside, management board of district of newspaper seat civil aviaton puts on record.

Once this file is given out, cause extensive comment inside course of study. Somebody is evaluated, afore-mentioned announcement can say is drew terminative accord with to executing the representative of 10 one's remaining years to expend a system. The reporter consults " the announcement that carries sale agent poundage about aviation " (civil aviaton total bureau sends 〖 1994 〗 317) regulation, acting charge presses sales revenue 3% carry out. 10 one's remaining years come, environment of civil aviaton market has changed suddenly, but since this regulation is promulgated oneself, from beginning to end have not is adjusted.

Regard agent as only profit source, the representative expends the life and death that concerns them directly to live or die. In recent years, shadow of smooth sword of fare big saber, every sell the representative that gives a piece of airline ticket fee income also increasingly hasten is thin. Can rely on quantity giving a bill to maintain gross income only. "The representative of 3% expended a system to had carried out 10 one's remaining years, get used to current market condition far from, also cannot keep procuratorial movement. " general manager of grand fast aviation tells a reporter.

Still wait for detailed rules to come on stage

"Can acting cost give? Can you compare 3% little still? " the reporter interviews understanding to arrive, have many agent still heart impeach be puzzled. After all, before this, the acting cost that can have 3% at least serves as " keep a copy " .
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