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What to multiply airframe share certificate effectively to have?
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Multiply the sort of airframe share certificate effectively to include: The dweller Id of Chinese book passenger, temporarily card of cadre of card of testimony of Id, officer, armed police police officer, soldier card, legionary student card, military civil service, army leaves emeritus cadre card and legionary worker card, harbor, bay area resident and certificate of Taiwan brethren journey; Card of the passport of foreign nationality passenger, journey, diplomat card; What civil aviaton total bureau sets is other and effective take airframe share certificate.
" regular " to seizing the opportunity certificate limits relaxes somewhat. 16 years old of the following minor but by its student's identification card, booklet of registered residence or mechanism of public security of seat of registered permanent residence issued identification seizes the opportunity.
" regular " set at the same time, to holding dweller Id photocopy, forge or falsification certificate, risk do not grant with other certificate auspicious discharged boards the plane.