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Plane of A330 of A330 Europe empty guest
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A330 and A340 are company of European airbus industry analysing world main airline after 90 age requirement, announced plane of wide airframe of two kinds of of development advanced double corridor in January 1986. Besides the amount of engine and the system related to engine, these two kinds of type have very big intercommunity, the component that they have 85 % is OK and mutual general, introduce same fuselage, it is length differs only, cockpit, wing, empennage, landing gear and all sorts of systems are same, can reduce development cost so.
What these two kinds of type also withheld A300/A310 type is efficient airframe is sectional design.
Company of European car industry decided two model regard A330 and A340 as a plan in April 1987 at the same time mount a horse. The development of two model expends A330 and A340 add up to 2.5 billion dollar (1986 currency value)

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