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Taoxian airport canceled 14 flights yesterday
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Yesterday, Shenyang snow again, this impact, Tao Xian airport closed nearly 7 hours. It is understood that yesterday afternoon 13:10 Taoxian Airport will begin to close to 20 o'clock evening return to normal. Expected to affect flights to 14 flights were canceled, delayed arrival of 32 classes, 27 classes departure delays, the affected passengers of about 5,000 people. In addition, after the snow the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Tao Xian airport flight management invested a total of 38 snow machines, and 121 staff in the airport snow removal operations, the airport half an hour after the Xueting restored navigation. Delayed due to snow 39 flights, all the night after the resumption of shipping port. The airport after the resumption of navigation, alternate flights at other airports flights are gradually returning to Hong Kong airport, with outbound flights taking off and landing conditions are also being taken off.