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International Diving Festival tickets are a bargain book
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Reporter learned yesterday from where to network, "October" Golden Week, the current to Kunming, Ningbo, Sanya, Beijing, Guangzhou and other domestic routes begun to cut prices, is also a book recently when international air travel more affordable. Where to network data, starting from October 9, most of the prices of domestic flights have started to decline. Travel routes during the National Day ticket prices compared to a huge decline, October 14, Ningbo, Sanya flight fare for 712 yuan , Only 3.8 fold, to Kunming only 807 yuan, down to 4.8 fold. Business routes ticket prices have also dropped, October 14, fly to Beijing, Ningbo fare for 637 yuan, only 5.4 fold. In addition, international flight ticket prices this month have begun to decline. Overseas travel is particularly popular this year, continued high prices of international tickets end of last month, and "October" Golden Week, prices began to loosen after the major routes. According to industry Sources, at present, many international flights in November, 12 months have launched special fares, book now schedule the next two months, more cost effective.