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Hainan Airlines launched Nov. 31 departing discount tickets Hohhot
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Civil Aviation Resource Net October 30, 2010 News: Hainan Airlines (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, referred to as "HNA") Hohhot flights originating from 31 October will be the implementation of winter and spring seasonal flight plans, navigation cities including Beijing, Haikou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Guangzhou. One Hohhot - Beijing, Baotou - Beijing, Wuhai - Beijing day 1 class, take-off time was 23:00 (or 23:55), 23:50 (or 23:35), 19:20; Hohhot - Haikou, 1 class per day, take-off time for 18:45; Hohhot - Changsha, Wuhai - Xian - Guangzhou every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday transport, time off, respectively 18:45,15:55; Hohhot - Shenzhen every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday navigation, take-off time is 18:45. At the same time, Hohhot - one-way and round-trip flights to Shenzhen, there are four fold special offers, the lowest one-way 790 yuan, 1580 yuan from the lowest. To ensure smooth passenger travel after the flight season, Hohhot and the surrounding cities to meet the leisure needs of passengers, Hainan Airlines Hohhot Sales for November launch special flights to Zhangjiajie in winter and spring season, Hainan, Shenzhen Special travel products, Hohhot, Changsha, and from 1620 yuan = , Haikou, Hohhot = from 2,300, and from Hohhot = 1560 yuan in Shenzhen.