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Mid-purchase special ticket discount air tickets latest price
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Air Sunshine Tour Beijing was established in 1995 as a professional aviation agency in 1996 have access to the China Civil Aviation Administration granted a second class international and domestic passenger agent for, and in 1997 In a rigorous review and assessment, the International Air Transport Association has made (ie IATA) issued by the aviation agency. Services Miho: quality assurance, to ensure time, to ensure that the number of Select Sunshine Tour! 24-hour free consultation domestic and international air ticket discount group, individual benefits. Free Express domestic and international one-way, even way, round trip ticket. Adhering to the "convenience of visitors, the development of self," the business Philosophy, to provide you with "warm, fast, good" service. Reservations can be the city, the airport for the tickets. Save you valuable time for you to solve the worries of transit. Xinjiang Police advise: the online "discount tickets" was originally a trap With the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day two big festival around the corner, many people began to plan the purchase of low discount airline tickets travel, return home to visit relatives. Some lawless elements to cheap to buy tickets as baits for fraud Has become even more rampant. September 9 Shawan County Public Security Bureau reporter learned from the recent, Shawan County Public Security Bureau, more than reported cases of online purchase of airline tickets cheated, should arouse the vigilance of Internet users. According to reports, August 30, Shawan County occurred in fraudulent use of tickets purchased online money transfer frauds. In the morning, the informant Liu in the website of the special fares, ticket ordering the search to a telephone. Quasi- Order September 12 prepared by the Urumqi to Xi'an, the two tickets, the staff allowed in the designated account transfer 1,440 yuan. Shortly after the transfer, "staff" to sink again Ms Lau said the 14 per call fee Must be approved before the system sinks 1,454 yuan, 1,454 yuan received 1440 yuan then passed in front of sinks, Miss Yu Shiliu again in the afternoon on to the account into the 1454 yuan by repeatedly urged the other did not return to 1440 yuan, Liu President it was found were taken immediately to the Shawan County Public Security Bureau police. Preliminary statistics, from August 2010 to September, Shawan County occurred due to fraud to purchase tickets for up to 4, the cheated with the maximum amount of up to 6,600 yuan. Police suggest crime officers generally in large travel sites, portals and other fake "XX airline Internet booking sites", published information on cheap airline tickets, bait to lure victims. Buy air tickets to go to the regular ticket Purchase.