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The order falls to become a central issue since airliner of the international af
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Japanese joint news agency on May 21, 2008 report: About 2010 Tokyo Haneda International Airport (TokyoHanedaInternationalAirport, international aviation carries association code: HND, code of international Civil Aviation Organization: RJTT, the following abbreviation " Haneda airport " ) fall since the international an aerial liner after extend order, the economic finance that Dongchaitiesan is in photograph of Japan ground transportation 20 days seeks advice from the conference to go up to offer a program formally: Make full use of the time zone of late night and early morning, make rise fall the number increases one times than original plan, amount to 60 thousand order. Tian Kangfu of Japanese premier blessing expresses: "This is an active draft resolution. Important is to open Haneda as early as possible to the Asia each course of main city. " he returns directive of make known to lower levels, the requirement makes the schedule that issues put oneself in another's position inside year.

Nevertheless, the program that Japan ground transportation saves and the requirement that propose the civilian assemblyman of Haneda airport internationalization still exist difference. Civilian assemblyman hopes can by day case fall the order breaks up time.

Tokyo becomes field International Airport (TokyoNaritaInternationalAirport) shut time to be in the evening 11 when make to morrow morning 6 when make. The program that land traffic saves is meant should shut in the International Airport that become field 30 thousand order falls since the flight number that this paragraph of time makes around Euramerican reach the Asian distant nation such as Vietnam, can saying is must not do it soon. Predict to establish the level of schedule, around number issue falls to be able to cause new argument probably one time since by day.