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Finnish airline rolls out carbon dioxide to discharge a calculator on the net
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To enhance environmental protection consciousness of the passenger, those who discharge the job is decrease to spread out in stimulative sky, finnish airline (Finnair, the following abbreviation " fragrance boat " ) went up in its website a few days ago, rolled out discharge a calculator. The passenger can pass computation, the fuel that is informed an airliner is used up, reach the discharge capacity of the carbon dioxide that produces from this. But at present, fragrance boat has not provided discharged compensation service to the passenger.

Fragrance boat expresses to this about respect controller: "The environmental protection job of fragrance boat weighs name a person for a particular job to reduce a respect in sky. Our practice is: Update aircraft group and more ground to offer Ou Ya of by Helsinki join systematically two continent the shortest course. In investigation of recent a questionnaire, the Finnish guest that has 54% thinks, discharge in the sky of the airliner should be in charge of by airline. This one answer supported our environmental protection point of view. This one answer supported our environmental protection point of view..

To reduce amount of aerial exhaust emission better, fragrance boat will be by March 2010 before, replace the model of long-range aircraft group in the round. Existing type will change A340 entirely model with A330 new-style plane. It is reported, a330 plane will decrease a platoon than having type 20% , and A340 plane will decrease a platoon than having type 10% . To 2014, fragrance boat still will use the A350XWB with more advanced technology plane, it decreases plane of wider than having system the platoon to amount to 1/3.

On the website of fragrance boat, the passenger can discharge a calculator with what fragrance boat rolls out, him computation takes fragrance boat the flight distance of an aerial liner or nonsked airliner, fuel uses up the discharge capacity that reachs carbon dioxide. Use calculative model of fragrance boat plane includes: European line reachs the A320 of Finnish home line plane, the A340 of long-range course plane, the Boeing that still has nonsked flight number 757 model plane. In Ou Ya two continent on the course between, computation of ground of OK also and convenient clarity gives the passenger, when the diverse line such as by Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, different fuel wastage reachs carbon dioxide discharge capacity.

Among them, in the computational respect that fuel uses up, with the average guest of fragrance boat rate and carry cargo rate are accurate. On passenger transport airliner of Europe, the average guest rate of fragrance boat is 75% ; On long-range airliner, average guest rate is 85% ; On nonsked airliner, average guest rate is 95% . On freight airliner of Europe, the rate of average carry cargo of fragrance boat is 500 kilograms; On long-range airliner, rate of average carry cargo is 11000 kilograms. Pass computation, can reach every fare's average fuel wastage and carbon dioxide discharge capacity. And of goods, can pass loading capacity computation to come out.
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