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Boeing Jing shows " inside ghost " two military airplane is destroyed artificial
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Expose to the sun before a week of a manufactory of Philadelphia of locate of company of Boeing of American aircraft manufacturer exceptionally case, two military helicopter is destroyed artificially by. Of damage " Jinuke " type helicopter is thought to suit Afghanistan and Iraqi battlefield especially.

An inquisitor of American says 20 days, boeing Philadelphia factory a worker already was sued because of destroying a helicopter in cold blood. And another helicopter is destroyed case in still be being investigated.


American confederative inquisitor overcomes · Mi Han 20 days to say on the press conference in handkerchief spy, boeing Philadelphia factory is versed in forces rests 32 years old because benefit of horse of unconscious elder brother of · Kevin · destroys a H-47 in cold blood model " Jinuke " type helicopter is accused.

Mi Han says, montgomery cuts off helicopter interior 10 days a crucial coil. This helicopter has not get offline.

He says, preliminary investigation shows, of Montgomery commit the crime motive is, because he is moved to another product line to feel malcontent by the company, commit the crime to covered the last day that Gemali works in primary product line just about that day.

"No matter motive how, the result is same however. " Mi Han says.

Investigation personnel says, of this one crucial coil cut off bring about helicopter to cannot take off.

Nevertheless, to Boeing company Philadelphia the investigation of the factory has not end. Investigate personnel discovery, another helicopter also is destroyed, a doubtful gasket appears in a place that ought not to appear.

Investigation personnel did not show this one gasket to be able to be caused how to be damaged to the plane.


Helicopter destroys incident to discover at 13 days, when two workers are making routine check at that time, discover this one problem. The worker of responsible investigation says, the coil that be destroyed is comprised by 75 electrical wiring, with helicopter control system is linked together, be a plane " life and breathing fountainhead " . The coil that this diameter exceeds 7 centimeters is cut off half.

The factory discovers to appear in the newspaper instantly after the problem, this one case alarmed FBI (FBI) , the many confederative orgnaizations such as management department of national defence contract and branch of investigation of national defence crime. Accident factory for a time stop production two days, accept examine in the round. Boeing company offer a reward 5000 dollars, appeal clue of the employee inside the factory.

The branch is opposite related the United States move troops about and stir up the people of this one case, because damage helicopter and American army are related Iraq and the martial operation that Afghanistan begins,be.

Local media " Philadelphia asks ask the newspaper " the introduction, the H-47 of damage " Jinuke " type helicopter value restrains 30 million dollar, it is American army " Jinuke " type helicopter group upgrade the one part of the contract. The lift on the airscrew of this kind of helicopter is strong, suit to be in Afghanistan and the area such as Iraq to fight especially. This kind of helicopter is current have not deploy is abroad.
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