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Global aviation industry performs contend for hegemony of a large number of hero
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On May 21, 2008: British airline (BritishAirways, BA, say below " Ying Hang " ) announced earnings of its year finance a few days ago, up to the on one money March 31, 2008 year business profit is 875 million pound, gross income is climbed litre 3.1% , to 8.75 billion pound.

The gain of 10% leads Ying Hang (2007-2008 money year, include the four seasons the business profit of 6.6% ) , with the low level of aviation industry photograph comparing appears outstanding all the more, look in whole aviation industry, the profit margin of 3%-4% already was considered as good number generally.

Strategic fixed position of Ying Hang is short-term outstanding achievement not just, however more in economic foreground not hopeful, economy liberalizes and the trend of industry conformity issues side overweight, seek long-term progress.

Fixed position of this one strategy is very necessary, because it decided which airline,meet go out in break out of an encirclement of next economy downturn.

Didymous Spain was not over before Ying Hang is early Yibiliya airline (Iberia) buy a plan, and in Xisailuo the dominant position of the airport is weakened, facing enormous finance pressure, but also obtained result below this kind of circumstance.

But what as main as its European mainland competitor differs is, face a likelihood to be exceeded the global aviation job that large airline holds dominant position, ying Hang does not have enough and exact location apparently.

Airline of German Han Sha (Lufthansa, abbreviation " Han Sha aviation " ) announce its last month this year first quarter finance state, the report shows its develop recently good, this year head season its finance income rose compared to the same period 19% , at the same time its do business the growth that wool interest rate also has more than 4% . And 2007 money year the growth that business wool interest rate has more than 6% .

Ying Hang anticipates its are new one financial year head season runs a state " unusual hardship " , it is adduce the example that oil price rises, this year head the oil price of season is compared the corresponding period turned over one times last year. In the meantime, defer garrison Xisailuo building of 5 boat station also affected the airport finance outstanding achievement of Ying Hang. Before not clear economy perspective, be full of a challenge one this year.

Differ with Ying Hang, chinese Sha aviation develops his strategic key to be put in be in complete Europe through buying outspread, even Atlantic of over or across goes buying nimble blue aviation (JetBlue) the equity of 19% . More unfortunate is, if Chinese Sha aviation continues to buy the control right of British BMI airline, it is sure to shake further Ying Hang is in Xisailuo the regnant position of the airport.

The Ceng Jian when April weighs CEOWolfgangMayrhuber of Chinese Sha aerial, although suffer many warnings, but it is hopeful that he thinks Chinese Sha aerial develops prospect, he has aviation of confidence Chinese Sha to there can be a good operation outstanding achievement 2008, finance income will with kept balance last year, can have further growth.
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