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Go out seize the opportunity " doohickey is much "
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Buy round-trip airline ticket as far as possible or couplet Cheng airline ticket. The civil aviaton booking office of each district and major representative point are main now in order to realize computer couplet net, can be ordered and open to booking countrywide each district only then hair and round-trip airline ticket. Accordingly you must plan is round-trip or much range, airline ticket of good couplet Cheng is ordered while you are buying a ticket. Civil aviaton total bureau sets, every is in the couplet Cheng airline ticket of 72 hours of less than (include round-trip) the booking office that does not want place goes confirming, but ground of leave out different is in those who buy a ticket a lot of troubles. But if you hold some but if you hold the couplet Cheng airline ticket that has a plenty of more than 72 hours, the booking office that must shift to an earlier date 3 days to reach place (the acting place that has card real business partly also goes) go undertaking affirming to airline ticket (usable phone confirms the booking office that shows 3 ground of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou) . Otherwise your seat can be cancelled, bring inconvenience to the journey.
Deal with return a ticket in time. If the passenger decides to cancel to decide a flight number formerly temporarily, answer to go to the former office that buy a ticket dealing with return a ticket as soon as possible. The plane deals with formalities of return a ticket 24 hours before from station time, will not deduct cost of return a ticket; As a result of passenger reason, 10% what to 24 hours before the plane leaves a station less than applies for return a ticket 2 hours; Buckle in what the plane leaves before station time 2 hours of less than 20% . After the plane takes off again return a ticket, buckle 50% (above return a ticket all does not cancel insurance) . If the reason as a result of civil aviaton respect, wait for the flight number that cause to cancel badly like plane breakdown, weather, the passenger should look for the airport in time to the concerned branch such as value opportunity deals with formalities of return a ticket or ask them to sign on airline ticket, affix one's seal shows a case, the place that goes appointing again deals with sum return a ticket.
Place chooses when buying a ticket by plane type, airliner and place belong to airline. At present the plane model of task of domestic executive flight number basically has the airbus of path of American Boeing, wheat, France, british BAE146, homebred carry 7 wait for a plane. What belong to airline to be able to get understanding from inside airliner code, the boat that be like a country is CA, dong Hang is MU to wait. Ahead of schedule half hours reach the airport, deal with seize the opportunity formalities, the boarding check that get. Proclaimed in writing of civil aviaton total bureau sets, to assure airliner on schedul and safety, before the airliner takes off half hour stops to deal with seize the opportunity formalities.
Encounter become not confused, look for the airport in time to concern sectional report. The hard to avoid in fare trip process can encounter plane breakdown, weather to wait for the flight number that cause badly incur loss through delay or cancel, if the passenger has urgent matter or the flight that affect below one range, should be worth unit room in time to the airport or be on duty leadership report, request them to offer a help. After the plane reachs destination, take civil aviaton regular bus. Home no matter size airport arrives in every airliner hind, all civil aviaton regular bus receives the downtown that sends a passenger to go to place. The passenger sits every time civil aviaton regular bus goes to place downtown again change trains goes destination is compared commonly economy, convenient.
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