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Airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge
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Airport of   of SHANGHAI HONGQIAO Airport 3 word code: SHA

Rainbow bridge airport is located in Shanghai on the west outskirt, be apart from downtown only 13 kilometers, come how many years, it is the pronoun of Shanghai airport all the time. Handling capacity of the activity of ” of civil aviaton of “ passenger word that rainbow bridge airport obtains course of study of Chinese civil aviaton to organize repeatedly since 1996, passenger group of airport of above of 8 million person-time the first.
Rainbow bridge airport has track and taxiway each one, track is 57.6 meters 3400 meters long, wide, aircraft parking area is made an appointment with 486 thousand smooth rice, share 66 seat numbers, its advanced infrastructure and system of all sorts of navigation, communication, safeguard, all accord with eye preexistence bound to board of all kinds plane case fall requirement. The flight number implements smoothly in Shanghai airport east after moving, rainbow bridge airport is rising fall domestic flight number while the equipment that continues to retain international flight number falls function.  

Traffic of airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge

Airport a gleam of: Rainbow bridge airport - Pudong airport
Airport line for special use: Rainbow bridge airport - building of urban boat station (Jing Ansi)
938 special railway line: Rainbow bridge airport - the zoo - shop of 10 thousand body - Pudong Yang Jiadu
806 special railway line: Rainbow bridge airport - traffic university - Xu Jiahui - Lu Pu Daqiao
925A: Rainbow bridge airport - Cheng Jiaqiao - in Shanxi road - people square
941: Zoo of Shanghai of? of Zhen vomit  - road of celestial being glow - Zhongshan park - macrobian road - Shanghai railway station

Phone: 021-62683682

Network address: Http://www.shanghaiairport.com