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Shanghai Pudong airport introduces
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Airport of   of SHANGHAI PUDONG Airport 3 word code: PVG

Pudong International Airport is located in Shanghai Pudong the Yangtse River to enter the seaside zone of big talk south bank, cover an area of kilometer of 40 much square, be apart from Shanghai center to make an appointment with 30 kilometers,
Pudong airport first phase project was under construction on full steam in October 1997, built be open to navigation or air traffic in September 1999. First phase builds the 4E class north and south that has to grow 4000 meters 60 meters long, wide to track, two parallel taxiway, the 800 thousand machine level ground of smooth rice, share 76 seat numbers, freight library area is amounted to 50 thousand smooth rice, in the meantime, the system such as outfit stock navigation, communication, surveillant, atmosphere and logistics safeguard, can provide 24 hours of round-the-clock services. Building of Pudong boat station by advocate building and await pilot corridor two major composition, all be three-layer structure, by two passageways join, the area is amounted to 280 thousand smooth rice, to harbor baggage conveyer belt 13, board the plane the bridge 28; Await the commercial meal establishment inside machine building and area of facilities of other and rental service to amount to 60 thousand smooth rice.

Traffic of Shanghai Pudong airport

Airport a gleam of: Pudong airport - fare of whole journey of rainbow bridge airport: 30 yuan
Airport second line: Pudong airport - building of urban boat station (Jing Ansi) whole journey fare: 19 yuan
The airport 3 lines: Pudong airport - fare of galactic hotel whole course: 20 yuan
The airport 4 lines: Pudong airport - east guesthouse of swan of Jiang Wan road (Lu Xun park) whole journey fare: 18 yuan

Phone: (021)64569090

Network address: Http://www.shanghaiairport.com/