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Chengdu double shed airport introduction
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Chengdu double shed ☆ of ★ of ★ of airport ★ ★

Airport of   of CHENGDU SHUANGLIU Airport 3 word code: CTU

Those who be located in outskirts of southwest of the Chengdu City is double shed a county east place of about 2 kilometers, be apart from area of the Chengdu City to make an appointment with 12 kilometers. Can rise fall Boeing 747-400 includes on the world inside each model plane, installed 2 kinds of nicety to take close lighting system; Build await machine building 82000 square metre, the design uses parallel 3 layout pointing to corridor, execute billabong of billabong of harbor of pass in and out, domestic and international passenger, capacity of height hour passenger 3500 people; Build a parking lot 74000 square metre, driveway of station level ground 44000 square metre.

Chengdu double shed airport traffic

Regular bus of Chengdu area airport goes back and forth between a course: Model  defends shrimp of Qia of ㄎ of Jin of short hub Yu to wring Xie shellfish ε below patch up of heir of Hong of heart flatter Lu guesthouse of restaurant of hill of Min of abundant? way, bright and beautiful river, China big, classics does Western medicine courtyard, Sichuan is pedagogic tower of courtyard, parachute, province.
Still can take 303 in train north station, high speed of the road of classics people north, road in people, road austral people, airport coachs arrive double shed the airport; Still can take 306 in Jin Sha station, via Wu Hou bridge of highway, bunch arrives double shed the airport.

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