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Shenzhen Baoan airport introduces
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Airport of   of SHENZHEN BAOAN Airport 3 word code: SZX

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is located in Pearl River mouth east on the Campagna of a seaside of the bank, cover an area of a face to accumulate 11 square kilometer, flight division grade is 4E, the airport executes 24 hours of moving services, own track (3400m х 45m) , taxiway each 1, can go up for the world fall since cargo aircraft of the largest customer. Gross area of level ground of existing passenger cargo aircraft 588 thousand square metre, await machine building gross area 146 thousand square metre, can satisfy year of passenger handling capacity content of 15 million person-time, special purchases for the Spring Festival handles 700 thousand tons demand.

Traffic of Shenzhen Baoan airport

China couplet edifice - Shenzhen airport 6: 20 - 20: 30   20 yuan of RMBs, every other sends a car 20 minutes, about 35 minutes arrive. Midway did not stand via stopping. Seize the opportunity to shift to an earlier date 2 hours to take a car by takeoff time please.
Shenzhen airport - China couplet edifice 7: 30 - the airliner ends 20 yuan, walk along wide difficult highway, stop mansion of the United Nations General Assembly of bamboo forest station, investment edifice station, terminus China. Late after 19 o'clock outspread to Lu Dan village, railway station on the west square.

Phone: 95000666 (the airport seeks advice from a hotline)

Network address: Http://www.szairport.com/